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6th Grade Math Skills Curriculum Learning Module

Mã sản phẩm: 23-6171 Lược xem: 1294

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Covers Current State & National Math Standards - Including Common Core! Integrated Program Provides Both Hands-On & Online Learning Resources. Ideal for: Differentiated Instruction, Learning Centers, Small Groups, Individual Review, and as a Classroom Resource.

Provides a complete set of resources designed to support teacher instruction and student mastery of 25 standards-based, 6th Grade Math topics including:

  • Number Systems

  • Operations

  • Measurement Conversion

  • Exponents

  • and more

Used in combination or individually, the resources provide detailed instruction of key concepts through a blend of technology-based instruction combined with hands-on review/reinforcement and game-based learning. 

6th Grade Math Curriculum Learning Module Includes:

  • Curriculum Mastery Game (23-6001)

  • Flip Chart Set (33-6001)

  • Visual Learning Guide Set (63-6001)

  • 1-Year Online Learning Subscription (51-0001)