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Math Curriculum Learning Module - Grades 1 - 2

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NewPath’s Curriculum Learning Modules provide the resources to easily implement an effective, blended learning program within your classroom, learning center or afterschool program. Each module, leveled by grade range, features a combination of Instructional Tools; Hands-On Activities; Interactive Whiteboard Resources; and Online Learning Quizzes, Games & Activities. 

The Math Curriculum Learning Module program for Grades 1 - 2 was designed to engage and enrich your students while extending their comprehension and knowledge of standards-based concepts. Each module includes enough materials for 60 students including:

  • Flip Charts – One Grade 1 Math Flip Chart (33-1001) and one Grade 2 Math Flip Chart (33-2001)
  • Visual Learning Guides – Three of each Visual Learning Guide included in the Grade 1 Math Visual Learning Guide Set (63-1001) and the Grade 2 Math Visual Learning Guide Set (63-2001) – a total of 60 individual Visual Learning Guides!
  • Curriculum Mastery Games – One Grade 1 Math Curriculum Mastery Game (23-1001) and one Grade 2 Math Curriculum Mastery Game (23-2001)
  • Interactive Whiteboard Software – One Grade 1 Math Assessment Prep Interactive Whiteboard CD (53-1001) and one Grade 2 Math Assessment Prep Interactive Whiteboard CD (53-2001)
  • Online Learning System – One 1-Year Class License Subscription to NewPath’s Online Learning System (51-0001)
  • Teacher’s Resource Guide – A Teacher’s Resource Guide which facilitates easy implementation of the system within your classroom or program. The guide features not only information on the system’s content, materials management and scheduling, but also incorporates information on such considerations as child dynamics and the learning environment.

These resources – which can be used either individually or in concert – provide solutions to key steps in the instructional process:

  • Direct Instruction/Teacher Modeling – Flip Charts
  • Independent Guided Practice – Visual Learning Guides
  • Group Practice/Play - Curriculum Mastery Games, Interactive Whiteboard Software & Online Learning Subscription
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment – Online Learning Subscription.